Cat.No: 271646 GPU News vol. 9, #4, January 1980: Enter the 80s. Alyn Hess Gay People's Union, Robert Patrick, Paul O.'M. Welles, Jae M. Latham, Michael Swift, Donna Martin.

GPU News vol. 9, #4, January 1980: Enter the 80s

Milwaukee: Gay People's Union, 1980. Magazine. 52p. including covers, 8.5x11 inches, photos, ads, features, news, art, very good semi-slick magazine in stapled pictorial wraps.

Updates on local activities, discussions of the Movement, ads, photos, services, etc. Literary reviews.Sadomasochism - lesbian style by Donna Utke Martin. Gays & Urban Renewal.

The Gay People's Academic Union grew out of a University of a Wisconsin-Milwaukee student organization the Gay Liberation Organization which first met in 1970. The GPU was founded in 1971 and opened the first Gay & Lesbian Community Center.

Cat.No: 271646

Price: $20.00