Cat.No: 271075 Analysis, Lest we forget

Analysis, Lest we forget

Belmont, MA: The Review of the News, 1968. Pamphlet. 8p., stapled wraps, 5.5x7.5 inches, very good condition. Reprint of "Analysis" article from the April 24, 1968 issue of Review of the News, as a separate pamphlet. John Birch Society viewpoint.

John Birch Society perspective arguing that Martin Luther King Jr. might have been killed because he was no longer useful to his communist manipulators. Includes a very dishonest attack on Carl Braden for being arrested for "a little matter involving some dynamite" -- referring to his attempt to integrate an all white suburb in Kentucky where the racists used dynamite against the Black family.

Cat.No: 271075

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