Cat.No: 270446 Signal 07: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture. Josh MacPhee, Alec Dunn.

Signal 07: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture

Oakland: PM Press, 2021. Paperback. 174p., 5x7 inches, like new.

Contents include:
Philadelphia Printworks: Maryam Pugh discusses the legacy and future of Black political art with John Morrison
The Vinyl Records of Victor Jara: The world-wide impact of the nueva canción bard documented by Josh MacPhee
Spectacular Commodities: Mehdi el Hajoui explores the objects of the Situationist International
The Left Independistas: A fifty year retrospective of the graphics of the Catalan independence movement by Jordi Padró
Hope in the Midst of Apathy: Vera Williams and the cover art of Liberation magazine by Alec Dunn
Dario and Maxi: Natalia Revale documents the transformation of a Buenos Aires metro station
We Will Break Open the Doors That Obscure the Sun: Erik Buelinckx uncovers the graphic work of the anarchist Belgian Expressionist Albert Daenens
Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Bill Berkowitz interviews California printer and poster maker Malaquías Montoya.

Cat.No: 270446
ISBN: 9781629638669

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