Cat.No: 270370 GPU News: vol. 5, #9, June 1976: Man Helping Man. Loretta Lotman Gay People's Union, Lee C. Rice, J. D. Butkie, Donna Martin, Roger Durand, Steven Earl Webster.

GPU News: vol. 5, #9, June 1976: Man Helping Man

Milwaukee: Liberation Publications, 1976. Magazine. 40p. includes covers, 8.5x11 inches, news, art, poetry, services & resources, ads, events, directory, very good newsletter in stapled wraps.

Methodists Shun Gay Caucus. Freud, Ellis, Kinsey & Masters & Johnson reviewed by Rice. Gay Alcoholism part two of two. Radclyffe Hall & the Well of Loneliness reviewed by Martin. Poetry by old playwright comrade Loretta Lotman. Loretta was a major lesbian activist from Chicago who wrote columns and plays in LA in the 1970s-80s. Eggs Over Easy by Butkie with explicit photos
The Gay People's Academic Union grew out of a University of a Wisconsin-Milwaukee student organization the Gay Liberation Organization which first met in 1970. The GPU was founded in 1971 and opened the first Gay & Lesbian Community Center.

Cat.No: 270370

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