Cat.No: 270368 GPU News: vol. 5, #6, March 1976: Actor Sal Mineo Slain. Wayne Jefferson Gay People's Union, Daniel Curzon, Dr. Robert Mittenbühler, Jeffrey L. Lant, Lee C. Rice, Donna Martin.

GPU News: vol. 5, #6, March 1976: Actor Sal Mineo Slain

Milwaukee: Liberation Publications, 1976. Magazine. 40p. includes covers, 8.5x11 inches, news, art, poetry, services & resources, ads, events, directory, several columns circled and/or marked in red and blue inks and those page numbers inked on front cover else good newsletter in stapled wraps.

First story with photo on the murder of Sal Mineo in Los Angeles. Also arson fire damages gay club and bath in Milwaukee. Vatican statement on sexual ethics. Minority Gay testimonies. Celibacy: a Perversion? a lesbian's experience by Martin. Curzon's story The Ulcer.

The Gay People's Academic Union grew out of a University of a Wisconsin-Milwaukee student organization the Gay Liberation Organization which first met in 1970. The GPU was founded in 1971 and opened the first Gay & Lesbian Community Center.

Cat.No: 270368

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