The Southern Patriot [121 issues]. Southern Conference Educational Fund.

The Southern Patriot [121 issues]

Louisville, KY: SCEF, 1963-1976. One-hundred-twenty-one issues of the monthly publication, spanning the period from February 1964 to September 1976. 8p. each, tabloid newspaper format, horizontal fold, all evenly toned, most with address stamp, all are varioulsy toned and edge and shelf wear evident, else in readable condition. Issues through the middle of 1969 are printed on high gloss low acid paper, issues present are 1963: Volume 21, Nos. 10, 1964: Volume 22, Nos. 1-6, 8, 1965: Volume 23, Nos. 2-10, 1966: Volume 24, Nos. 1-11 (full run for the year), 1967: Volume 25, Nos. 1-11 (full run for the year), 1968: Volume 26, Nos. 2-10, 1969: Volume 27, Nos. 1-10 (full run for the year, paper from now on is printed on high acid, very toned paper), 1970: Volume 28, Nos. 1-10 (full run for the year), 1971: Volume 29, Nos. 1-10 (full run for the year), 1972: Volume 30, Nos. 1010 (full run for the year), 1973: Volume 31, Nos. 1-10 (full run for the year), 1974: Volume 32: 1974, Nos. 1-10 (full run for the year), Volume 33, Nos. 1, 3-10, and 1976: Volume 34 Nos. 1-7.

Southern Conference Educational Fund was an organization run by Ann and Carl Braden, former Communist Party organizers in the South. SCEF engaged in agresive organizing of unorganized mostly Black workers, support for existing union organizing drives, civil rights, and anti-Klan activity. This group includes many issues from the high point of civil rights activism.

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