An open letter to the American People. Asataro Miyamori.

An open letter to the American People

n.p. [1940]. Four-page leaflet, ex-library with rubberstamp and penned notation; fold-creased, closed edge tear.

Critique of US policy towards Japan, by an English professor in Tokyo. Laments the 1924 Immigration Act for its discrimination against the Japanese, and complains that American meddling in Japan's "strenuous undertaking of restoring order and peace in the Far East" had prevented the swift surrender of Chiang Kai-Shek. Argues that Japanese success in occupying China would be beneficial to the US, as "she will be only too glad to welcome American capitalists' co-operation in the development of Chinese resources." Continues, "The longer America helps Chiang's regime, the longer the Chinese people would suffer..." Includes two short poems on America's failure to understand Japan's "righteous cause.'.

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