The Individualist. No. 179 (August 8, 1942). George N. Peek.

The Individualist. No. 179 (August 8, 1942)

Lincoln, Nebraska: Charles W. Phillips, 1942. 4p., 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled at corner, last page loose but present; three holes punched at left, handwritten notes on cover sheet. "Peek knows! Seditious? No! Revolt stuff!" This issue almost entirely devoted to reprinting a memorandum by Peek, "The drive for a new world order," warning of plots by the "internationalist bankers" and casting doubt on reasons for the US fight against the Axis. Formerly a New Deal Democrat, Peek had rejoined the GOP and turned sharply against the Roosevelt administration.

"Devoted to past history and present news of the conflict between individualism and collectivism. In favor of the preservation of the American system, Christianity, and the right to private ownership of property. Against any collectivist 'ism.'"

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