Cat.No: 263374 El Paisano. Autumn 1967, Number 48. Randall Henderson.

El Paisano. Autumn 1967, Number 48

Banning, CA: Desert Protective Council Educational Foundation, 1967. 8p., staplebound newsletter, bears a mailing-convenient transverse foldline else very good. Singleton copy. Topics: Coyoite Canyon dam; directors meet; Salton Sea; bighorn sheep; fossils in badlands; noise pollution; desalinization; game hunting. - Randall Henderson was a longtime editor (he is the namesake of the Randall Henderson Loop Trail); others included Harry C. James, founder of the Trailfinders Organization, and Jane Pinheiro, founder of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.

"El Paisano" refers to the roadrunner, a bird often seen on desert highways. The organization was devoted to protection of desert wilderness. Its first major project was preventing development in Joshua Tree National Monument.

Cat.No: 263374

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