Cat.No: 262708 San Francisco Express Times, vol.1, #40, October 23, 1968. "Onassis Assassinated" Marvin Garson, R. Cobb Abu, R. G. Davis, Joan Holden, Sandy Darlington, Beelzebub, Paul Glusman, Marjorie Heins, Paul Williams, Donna Mickleson, Lenny Heller, Paula Kurtz.

San Francisco Express Times, vol.1, #40, October 23, 1968. "Onassis Assassinated"

San Francisco: The Trystero Company, 1968. Newspaper. 16p., folded tabloid underground newspaper, news, opinion, articles, photos, events, actions, comix, psychedelia, blue print instead of black, mailing address stamped on cover else very good on newsprint.

The Express Times was S.F.'s main political underground paper. In a pioneering instance of "fake news," this issue's cover story is "Onassis Assassinated", a little yarn about the wealthy shipping magnate being poisoned aboard his fabulous yacht while celebrating his marriage to Jackie Kennedy just days before. Onassis didn't actually die until 1975 from respiratory failure. Also a dubious report inside about Warren Hinckle and Sidney Zion visiting Roy Cohn on a fund-raising mission for Ramparts magazine. Centerspread is a quasi-poster featuring seven poems by staffer Sandy Darlington. Joan Holden and R.G. Davis provide an extended plug for the S.F. Mime Troupe's upcoming plays. Frank Bardacke continues his dissecting of the '68 Olympics in his sports column. The longest piece in the issue is a meandering meditation on the Passamaquoddy Indians of Maine, which makes Hunter Thompson's output look disciplined and to the point, by comparison. A strange issue.

Cat.No: 262708

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