Dear and beloved friends... [fundraising appeal letter]. Dorothy Day.

Dear and beloved friends... [fundraising appeal letter]

New York: The Catholic Worker, 1971. 8.5x11 inch printed letter of five paragraphs, soliciting donations from supporters to sustain the organization's work. Small loaves and fishes motif at top. Neatly creased from having been folded to fit into an envelope.

"We live on a warfront - class war, race war. Mental cases abound, drugged youth haunt our street and doorstep. We are, here at First Street, a school of non-violence. Not a week passes when there have not been knives drawn, a fist up-raised, the naked face of hate shown and the silence of bitterness and despair shattered by the crash of breaking crockery or glass, a chair overthrown ... God, the Father of us all, must want this work, otherwise He would not prompt you to keep it going all these years."

Cat.No: 261649

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