Cat.No: 255219 John Molinari campaign materials [three handbills]. John Molinari.

John Molinari campaign materials [three handbills]

San Francisco: Teddy Roosevelt Club and Alice B. Toklas Club, [1977/1978/1986. Three 8.5x11 inch handbills printed one side only relating to Supervisor John Molinari from 1977-1986 all very good.

Two of the handbills announcemeetings in May 1977 & 1978 with Molinari and others at the gay Republican Teddy Roosevelt Club. The third is from around 1986 and printed by members of the Alice B. Toklas club calling out Molinari for his lies and actions against LGBT constituents over the years (he had identified recently as a Democrat but had been a Republican for years).

Cat.No: 255219

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