Seattle Helix Vol. 1, No. 9, August 16, 1967. Paul Dorpat, Jerry Garcia Walt Crowley.

Seattle Helix Vol. 1, No. 9, August 16, 1967

Seattle: The Helix, 1967. Newspaper. 12p, tabloid underground newspaper, illus., lightly and evenly toned, some dog-ears, else very good condition.

Early issue of Seattle's underground paper, which was distinguished by handsome art direction and illustrations, mostly by Walt Crowley, such as this issue's split fount covers. Lead article is a report on a local effort (the Basic Needs Company) inspired by the Diggers and Chester Anderson. A goodly amount of Seattle hip news; part two of an interview with Jerry Garcia from when the Dead had fled the Haight to New Mexico; a full page of poetry; a report on the 339th Engineers at Ft. Lewis, apparently a holding tank for a bunch of troublesome soldiers not wanted elsewhere; and a smattering of dope items, including the dubious news that adding pure ground aspirin to a cigarette or joint enhances the high.

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