Cat.No: 252259 Take Over: vol. 5, #17, December 1975. The Bang Gang, staff.

Take Over: vol. 5, #17, December 1975

Madison, WI: Random Louse, 1975. Newspaper. 19p., folded tabloid, illus., evenly toned, a small tear or two, else very good condition.

Take Over was one of the longer-running underground papers of which Madison had three simultaneously at one point. Articles on a reenactment of the JFK assassination held in Madison ("the enema bottle under JFK's armpit squirted out red finger-paint through a tube by his right temple. The fatal shot sent brain matter (gelfite fish, what else) spraying over the Lincoln's trunk"), a conspiracy theory linking Joe DiMaggio to the Kennedy assassination, FBI and Madison Police Department surveillance of local left groups, the bombing of the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1970 and police misconduct in the subsequent investigation, and more. Centerfold story is "Agent Led 3 Lives: I was a Yippie for the MPD and a Drug Runner for the Mob"

Cat.No: 252259

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