The East Village Other; Vol.5, No.19, April 7, 1970. Jaakov Kohn, Bill Griffith Gilbert Shelton.

The East Village Other; Vol.5, No.19, April 7, 1970

New York: East Village Other, Inc., 1969. Newspaper. 24 p., folded tabloid, 11.5 x 16.5 inches, illus., very light toning at some edges, two small ink marks in cover margin, minute chips at bottom of spinefold, else very good condition.

Cover: hilarious 3-color comic "Tricky Prickears" (The Blind, Deaf Cop) by Gilbert Shelton parodying Dick Tracy. Inside: "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" a very early full-page strip by pre-Zippy Bill Griffith; D.A. Latimer reviews a Justice League of America comic(!); centerspread is a long meditation on the Black Panthers, the black community, police tactics, and the counterculture by Renfreu Neff; Claudia Dreifus on Abortions; Ray Schultz on "Strike City Blues"; an interview with Jean Genet about the Panthers and revolution, and various other columns and theater reviews.

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