Cat.No: 246382 Take Over: vol. 2, #3, Feb. 2, 1972. The Bang Gang, staff.

Take Over: vol. 2, #3, Feb. 2, 1972

Madison, WI: Random Louse, 1972. Newspaper. 20p., folded tabloid, illus., evenly toned, else very good condition.

Take Over was one of the longer-running underground papers of which Madison had three simultaneously at one point. This issue devotes the cover and 11 pages inside to "Jesus Freaks", then a burgeoning movement. Interviews, critiques, testimonials, Jesus communes, the whole shebang. Also, four pages on the biggest dope bust in Madison history, two pages of which are an interview with later-mayor Paul Soglin condemning the bust. Further: interview with Yippie Rev. Pat Small on the current political uproar and violence in Milwaukee, and usual ads and gab of the era. Front cover banner headlined "White Slavery pages 2-19" is a sales gimmick, needless to say.

Cat.No: 246382

Price: $20.00