Cat.No: 246380 The Night Before Segregation

The Night Before Segregation

n.p. [1957-?]. 6.75x8.5 inch sheet of pink paper, faintly fold-creased, with mimeographed text of a racist poem, based on "Twas the Night Before Christmas," lamenting the integration of schools in Little Rock.

"Ol' Ike had orders / To mix up the schools / But Ol' Faubus said, 'Hold it / We ain't no fools. / If you know what's good, / You will stand back and listen / 'Cause we ain't going to stand / For no nigger mixing.'" Goes on to describe the deployment of the National Guard against the governor's wishes. "Ol' Ike won the battle / And Ol' Faubus is grieving / But God help the niggers / When the troops start leaving." Not found in OCLC, but the University of Arkansas has a slightly variant example which includes a title explicitly linking it to the Little Rock Central High conflict.

Cat.No: 246380

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