The Herald of Freedom: Religious News Edition [seven issues]. Frank A. Capell.

The Herald of Freedom: Religious News Edition [seven issues]

Zarephath, NJ: Frank A. Capell, 1966-1969. Seven issues of the four-page newsletter, 8.5x11 inches, faintly creased from folding for mailing, otherwise generally very good. Issues present are vol. 1 nos. 1, 4, 6, 7; vol. IV no. 12; vol. VI no. 1, and vol. VII no. 10.

While the main Herald of Freedom series focused on such topics as revolutionary Negro conspiracies and America's soft-on-communism treasonous officials, these parallel bulletins focus on religious issues such as church leaders bowing to Red demands, tolerance of birth control, Black clergymen who are part of the conspiracy, anjd more. One issue warns that the US could be drawn into a Middle East war by Zionists trying to rebuild the Temple. Capell, who describes himself here as a "fundamentalist Roman Catholic," was the author of such conspiracy tracts as "Henry Kissinger, Soviet Agent," and the Kennedy accusation "The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe."

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