Cat.No: 243316 Presidential Campaign Galop [sic]. Allegro molto vivace. J. E. Riley, composer.

Presidential Campaign Galop [sic]. Allegro molto vivace.

Detroit: The J. L. Hudson Co., 1892. Sheet_music. 6p., self-wraps of which pp.2 to 5 exhibit the "Galop" followed by a fullpage of ads in monochrome dark blue. Oversize format, 14x11 inches, outer leaf split two inches at top and tail of spinefold, margins are toned, worn with short tears and faint staining (possibly smoke; no odor however), and a rubberstamp message in red, "Complements of Music Department." Inner leaf has the same problems to a lesser degree. Fair to good copy.

P.6 features banjoes from $3.50 up; autoharps range from $4 to a whopping $150. Sample instruments are shown, also the multistory building housing Hudson Co.

Cat.No: 243316

Price: $15.00