Cat.No: 242313 Plexiglas: Crystal-Clear Plastic. Second edition

Plexiglas: Crystal-Clear Plastic. Second edition

Philadelphia: Rohm & Haas Company, September 1942. Pamphlet. 44p., presswork on coated alkaline paperstock with numerous b&w photos and blue spot-color enhancement on nearly every page. Softbound, a pamphlet in 8x5.5 inch blue wraps, stapled, a virtually immaculate copy: absolutely sound, clean and unmarked. Bound in find a printed notice headed "For the Duration" --the brief text names peacetime applications of the two products, and also, for the duration of war, how devoted Rohm & Haas are to nosecones, gun turrets and other transparencies.

Dated from a tiny backpage list of impressions; first issue was a run of 10000 in 1940, second 5000 in '41, this run likewise 5000.

Cat.No: 242313

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