A Different Beat: #13 July, 1977. Donald Cameron Scot, William J. DeLeonardis, Casey Edwards, Chuck Johnson, Nancy Anne Viera.

A Different Beat: #13 July, 1977

San Francisco: A Different Beat, 1977. Magazine. [32p] 8.25x10.75 inches, photos, centerfold nude, ads, events, listings, features, columns, very good bi-weekly and later monthly homophile magazine on stapled newsprint.

A Different Beat was at this time more political and Gay Liberation-oriented than Bay Area Reporter. True, this issue has a centerfold nude of Casey Edwards but it also contains opinion and articles on the Anita Bryant-inspired bashing and murder of Robert Hillsborough, the lawsuit brought against Bryant, Senator John Briggs and the Save Our Children Coalition. Also Scot on the 1977 gay Freedom Day parade with photos.

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