The Joysday Machine [poster]. Michael Rossman.

The Joysday Machine [poster]

[Berkeley]: M. Rossman, 1966. 17.5x22.5 inch poster, very good. Title in psychedelic yellow bubble letters at center, resembling a submarine; extensive text arranged around, largely addressed to a student audience.

"Hail to the hippies who turned us on to new ideas at the open mike..." "The machine is made to serve us - Don't serve as a machine..." "Pay a stranger's library fine in pennies..." "Enter into strange doors and ask to be of service..." "Do it now, whatever." Rossman, a Free Speech Movement activist who became heavily involved in alternative education in the late 1960s and 1970s, also amassed an amazing collection of social justice posters. This is one of his own creations, aided by "Karen and Jan," "three loyal alumni who teach."

Cat.No: 240587

Price: $225.00