Cat.No: 238655 The Raffish, Issue 1. Spring? 2018. Caitlin Davis, co-founders. Brian Ruiz Justin McKee, contributors, et alia.

The Raffish, Issue 1. Spring? 2018

no place. On-line: the editors, 2018. Pamphlet. FYI, an introductory number, "0", precedes; and editor McKee's prefatory remarks are datelined New Orleans. Pamphlet format, 9x6 inch stapled wraps, a fine copy.

Lead article by a yuppie, one Brian Ruiz, who found himself in the slammer. To his deep amazement he becomes friends with a fellow with a predilection for multiple homicide; this murderer humbled by having been blinded in prison by another inmate.

Cat.No: 238655

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