Good Times: vol. 3, #37, Sept. 18, 1970: Tim Leary; Beyond Acid. Timothy Leary, Sam Silver. Bert, John Baldwin, Don Jackson, Mike Henry, Sandy Darlington, Dick Galk, Bernadine Dohrn, Colin Campbell Sue Glick.

Good Times: vol. 3, #37, Sept. 18, 1970: Tim Leary; Beyond Acid

San Francisco: Good Times Commune, 1970. Newspaper. 24p., folded tabloid underground newspaper, news, opinion, reports, actions, psychedelia, ads, illustrations, photos, lightly-worn and toned newsprint.

San Francisco's longest lasting underground paper. Originally San Francisco Express Times. Cover headline: "Tim Leary... Beyond Acid" with head shot of Tim. Inside: thought piece on Leary's escape from prison the previous week with the assistance of the Weather Underground, as well as Leary's Statement from a POW Camp and Dohrn's Fourth Communication from the Waeather Undergound on back page; two pages on Ruchell Magee's arraignment within San Quentin, report on arab guerrillas vs Israel, essay in defense of sabotage, and centerspread devoted to defending alternative education. Plus usual news and ads of the era.

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Price: $45.00