Cat.No: 231270 The realist [no.86-B];. Paul Krassner.
The realist [no.86-B];

The realist [no.86-B];

New York: the magazine, Mar.-Apr., 1970. Single leaf folded once to make 4p., paperstock browned.

A Realist supplement, free to subscribers. Cover story by Robert Wolf, "Reporter at small," the people he heard at meeting of psychics and UFOlogists, 2p. Plus a page of Saul Heller's musings and a pretty good back page Guindon cartoon, Nixon and Agnew as the midnight cowboys (Nixon, looking resentful: "And stop calling me Ratso"). Also thrown in is no. 86-A, a report on Cuba by Michael Myerson, also browned and with some small closed tears.

Cat.No: 231270

Price: $15.00