Cat.No: 231267 The realist [nos.92-A, 92-B, 92-C];. Paul Krassner.

The realist [nos.92-A, 92-B, 92-C];

New York: the Realist Association, 1972. Each issue a single folio leaf of newsprint, folded to make 8p.

Topics covered include Robert Wolf, 92-A, "One flew over the cuckoo conference," a Toronto gathering of professionals with a human-potentials tinge, most of this issue with concluding bits of Last rock festival and Great Beast [from issue 91-C] // The Rock Liberation Front on "The Rolling Stone papers," about the funding of and ads run in the then-new magazine, characterized by the writer(s) as "the leading publication to 'turned-on' youth culture." // And "History as Language and Human Garbage" by Charles Brossard. FYI, Realist numbers coded with added letter are not-for-sale supplements, issued free to subscribers.

Cat.No: 231267

Price: $20.00