How to Write a Novel ! after W. S. Maugham. Aleister Crowley, as "Oliver Haddo"

How to Write a Novel ! after W. S. Maugham

Thame Oxfordshire: Mandrake Press, 1991. Unpaginated, about sixteen newly-typeset pages stapled into 8x5.5 inch decorated wraps. Covers have a couple small light smudges and lightest edgewear, otherwise clean and quite sound, a very good copy. Find parallel columns of print (Maugham's and others' texts juxtaposed) that show parallel narrative construction but to this reader fall short of demonstrating plagiarism. Black Lodge Booklets no. 8.

This critique first appeared in a popular magazine in 1908; Crowley believes Maugham plagiarized horror stories by Dumas, Mabel Collins, A.E. Waite (his translation of Eliphaz [sic] Levi) and H.G. Wells. The real sin is for an ignorant person (WSM) to have trodden paths sacred to magical practice and to AC.

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