Street Man. The CIA Career of Mike Ackerman. E. C. "Mike" Ackerman.

Street Man. The CIA Career of Mike Ackerman

New York: Writers Alliance, 1976. Paperback. 149p., softbound in 8x5.5 inch decorated wraps (the decorations being two photoportraits of our hero), perfectbound but so far so good. Cover has a sun-line across the front and a spot of soil to back, and a private library accession numeral on titlepage (in ink). Sound and clean, a very good copy that is inscribed and signed by Ackerman (also ink). Dedication page is an hommage to Richard Welch: invokes ideal noble guardian of Plato's Republic and the espionage commanded to Moses by JHVH.

This tribute to Welch reveals Ackerman to be a CIA loyalist, whatever his protests here. Richard Welch was a CIA station head outed by nuns in Peru, and when rerouted to Greece, offed by Athenians who wanted their country back. In Athens Welch lived in the same house an earlier chief of station had occupied, and was a loose-lip; a Newsweek journalist attending a COS Christmas party wondered at Welch's lack of caution. The habitual porosity of cover may have inspired Langley to assign RW a new role: martyr, ergo saint.

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