Cat.No: 228544 Far East Reporter [14 different booklets]. Maud Russell.

Far East Reporter [14 different booklets]

New York: Far East Reporter / Maud Russell Publisher, various dates. Magazine. Fourteen booklets in the Far East Reporter series, which was edited and published by the American activist Maud Russell, who spent a quarter of a century in China before the Communist revolution of 1949 and spent the rest of her life advocating for the revolutionary regime. Each booklet focuses on a particular theme, printing pieces by pro-China hands such as Rewi Alley, Joseph Needham, Russell herself, and Chinese authors whose work is reprinted from Chinese sources. Most are 5.5x8.5 inches, generally very good, some are toned or have minor soiling, marginalia, or wear, one has a stain on the cover. Includes such titles as: Marxism and the Cultural Revolution in China; Chinese women: liberated; The making of new man; The Sino-Soviet Ussuri River border clash; and many more. Please see photo for all titles.

Russell was not only a devoted advocate of Maoism, she was also a closeted lesbian. The executor of her will had her love letters destroyed when the rest of her papers were deposited at the NY Public Library. Karen Garner’s biography, “Precious Fire: Maud Russell and the Chinese Revolution” includes significant discussion of this issue.

Cat.No: 228544

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