San Francisco Good Times; Vol.2, no.19, May 14, 1969. Dan O'Neill.

San Francisco Good Times; Vol.2, no.19, May 14, 1969

San Francisco: Trystero Company, 1969. Newspaper. 20p., newsprint tabloid, 11x16.5 in., folded, even toned, illus., very good copy.

San Francisco's longest lasting underground paper. Cover cartoon by Dan O'Neill plugging his "comic book" inside, i.e., the center four pages divied up into an 8-page comic. It consists of a cover and 7 pages from his sketchbook roughs for the upcoming Odd Bodkins anthology published by Glide Press, along with a full-page interview with the irrepressible cartoonist. Also: Greil Marcus on a Chuck Berry show in Berkeley, Isaac Bonewits on Universal Life Church mailorder ordinations (he and Good Times are hawking them) plus the usual listings, letters, and ads of the era.

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