Opinion as to Patentability of the Teletype [handwritten caption]. Teletype, E E. Osborn.

Opinion as to Patentability of the Teletype [handwritten caption]

San Francisco: Office of E.E.Osborn, 22 Nov 1906. 4p., carbon flimsies, 12x8.5 inches in a brad-bound light cardstock holder manufactured for such items, folded in half and then again making the enclosed 9x3.5 with an inscription across the top as shown here. The skyblue holder is mildly edgeworn and handled, with tiny splits begun at foldlines, the flimsies not ribbon copy but quite legible, Osborn's ink signature is holograph.

Osborn's conclusion after examination of 'drawings of an alleged novel system of connecting and operating Typewriting Machines on an Electrical Circuit to make a permanent record at both the sending and the receiving station' invented by two Oakland men. Osborn was employed by some local invesgtors to consult on the 'patentability' of this invention-- a process better known now as 'due diligence.' After providing details on the operation of this invention and a review of related patents, Osborn believes this particular invention 'contains patentable features.' The consultant's address in SF was 892 Eddy.

Cat.No: 227014

Price: $30.00