Terminal Africa: the curse of the ancestral cord. pf erasmus, lowercase sic.

Terminal Africa: the curse of the ancestral cord

online: printed for the author by Bright Pen / Authors OnLine Ltd, 2005. Paperback. 125p., professionally-printed "on demand" softbound in 8.5x5.5 inch glossy decorated wraps; absolutely clean and sound, a fine copy. The gist appears to be that Black on Black violence as well as Black on white violence, is psychologically more corrupting that their white on Black counterpart.

Mr. pf erasmus "is a clinical psychologist.. His first language was isiZulu, in which he still dreams. Both Erasmus's M.A. dissertation and his doctorate covered his in-depth studies on the personality of the black African, more specifically in regard to the Jungian and Szondian psychoanalytical and psychogenetic models of behaviour. Hence his concern with the pressing question: is Africa in the grip of some kind of spiritual curse too devastating to unravel.." --the above from back cover text. Within, from p.125: "People are frequently attacked, raped, tortured and killed on the advice of witchdoctors to appease the ancestral spirits. Animals are regularly killed as part of traditional rites and ceremonies. Torturing with the aim of causing as much pain as possible is generally the 'prescribed' modus operandi in appeasing the ancestors."

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