Cat.No: 225411 Vector; vol. 9, #5, May 1973. Richard Piro, Charlotte Schmidt-Luder Douglas Dean, Robert Burke.

Vector; vol. 9, #5, May 1973

San Francisco: Society for Individual Rights, 1973. Magazine. 56p., 8.5x11 inches, illustrated with photos and art of nude young men, very good magazine in heavily-rubbed, soiled, stapled pictorial wraps.

Review of the White Horse gay bar, bar, bath and restaurant guide. S.I.R. was an extremely important homophile organization in the 1960s-70s and "Vector" was the main gay magazine for the Bay Area during those years. The magazine began life as a newsletter in 1964, merely several folded and or stapled sheets with news and calendars. The late Sixties found the magazine concentrating more on local and national news of interest to gay men.The final years saw the magazine turn more to a standard gay men's magazine with photos of young men from around the Bay Area.

Cat.No: 225411

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