Cat.No: 220702 Cometbus #46: The Dead End. Aaron Cometbus, compiler, lettering.

Cometbus #46: The Dead End

Berkeley: Aaron Cometbus, [early 2000s]. Pamphlet. [78]p., text neatly hand-lettered with a wraparound cover drawn by Nate Powell (crowd scene at the Dead End Cafe, a collective eatery and caterers), professional-quality layout and trimming, an 8.5x5.5 inch zine. Nice clean copy. Interviews conducted and transcribed by the editor establish the seductions of living co-operatively and drinking a lot of beer. Foreword claims it as part of the series "case studies in cultural anthropology," but this appears to be photocopied from another, more serious, anthropology book as a joke. Published shortly before the zine's 2004-2006 hiatus (the last issue before the hiatus was No. 49).

Cat.No: 220702

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