Cometbus #46: The Dead End. Aaron Cometbus, compiler, lettering.

Cometbus #46: The Dead End

Berkeley: Aaron Cometbus, no date, circa 2010. Pamphlet. Unpaginated, about 65p., text neatly hand-lettered with a wraparound cover drawn by Nate Powell (crowd scene at the Dead End Cafe, a collective eatery and caterers), professional-quality layout and trimming, an 8.5x5.5 inch zine. Nice clean copy. Evidently connected with UC Berkeley, one of a series "designed to bring to students in the social sciences insights into the richness and complexity of human life as it is lived in different ways.. written by men and women who have lived in the societies they write about, and who are porfessionally trained as observers.." Interviews conducted and transcribed by the editor establish the seductions of living co-operatively and drinking a lot of beer. informal/formally, "case studies in cultural anthropology"

Cat.No: 220702

Price: $20.00