Cat.No: 219286 The Cook and the Carpenter: a novel by the Carpenter. June Arnold, Bonnie Zimmerman, Karla Jay.

The Cook and the Carpenter: a novel by the Carpenter

New York: New York University Press, 1995. Hardcover. xxxiii, 180p., foreword, introduction, very good first edition thus in quarter-cloth boards and silvered titles. The original 1973 edition was Grier A** The Cutting Edge series: Lesbian Life and Literature, Karla Jay; series editor.

Originally self-published in paperback under the aegis of Daughters, Inc. in 1973. Texas born writer who was part of the 1971 takeover of a building on the Lower east Side manhattan. This book deals partly with that event. At the time of publication of the original edition Grier listed the book as Carpenter but noted copyright as June Arnold.

Cat.No: 219286
ISBN: 0814706282

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