Remembering eternity. Volume 1: The Sun Inside. Richard Dietrich Maddox.

Remembering eternity. Volume 1: The Sun Inside

San Bernardino, CA: the author, 2016. 433p., gargantuan paperback novel (11x8 inches), rather an awkward format for fiction because of the resultingly huge printblocks. First installment in a spiritual trilogy by the Princeton graduate who became a meditation teacher (though flunked book design).

From back-cover introductory text: "..the world's longest spiritual novel and the seventh-longest novel ever written. Travel with the hero, Skylar Seequn, as he meets an enlightened Master, spends time with a group of young women whose celestial perception allows them to perceive angels, and gets kidnapped by a pistol-toting redneck. Journey with him to outlandish rock festivals.." &c &c &c.

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ISBN: 9781523766987

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