Sensuousity '68 / Open House and Conference / November 5 [handbill]. T'lera Laina, Sergei Sanini.

Sensuousity '68 / Open House and Conference / November 5 [handbill]

Oakland: Project: Communication, 1968. 8.5x11 inch handbill, minor foxing, very good. Announces the program for an event on Sensuousity, an alternative to monogamy and polygamy.

"Who cleans up the vomit at your house? Monogamists and polygamists failed to solve this and other problems. ... Expanded families and intentional communities have all the problems of the mommy-daddy-kiddie households, and more! During this period everyone can ask questions and find out how Inner Clan members do their things." After dinner, the event was to include a "DO-IN. You can do it with us." Project: Communication, tagline "The house that communication built," ran ads in local college newspapers at the time with catch phrases like "Do Southern bigots need help too? Can promiscuity be selective?"

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