Caltrop, vol. i no. i, Mon. Aug. 27, 1973. William G. Hladky.

Caltrop, vol. i no. i, Mon. Aug. 27, 1973

Iowa City: the tabloid, 1973. Newspaper. 4p., common tabloid format (double-fold, a 17x11 inch page) but beginner's work and quite abbreviated (single folded folio leaf); text is reproduced from typewriter-set mss, the few cartoons amateur. Toned, a very good copy. Cover headlines runs "Investigation yields Ottens suspect" [murder]; "Who rules the trailer court rulers" (mobile home despots). Inside find rumors about school board, about women on the local baseball team, and the ending of the military draft.

Banner includes a definition: "caltrop - an ancient military device with four prongs one of which is always straight up." The aforementioned murder investigation involves a white female victim, two African American male suspects; and difficulty sorting out the clues. A front page statement from a UI (University of Iowa) journalism instructor states that "Caltrop will attempt to fill a need in the Iowa City community toward which no other publication is exclusively directed: investigation, analysis and discussion of current issues.."

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