Cat.No: 204889 ONE Magazine: vol. 1, #10, October 1953: One Is Not Grateful. Martin Block, Don Slater, Dale Jennings, Elizabeth Lalo Donald Webster Cory, William Lambert, Jeff Winters.

ONE Magazine: vol. 1, #10, October 1953: One Is Not Grateful

Los Angeles: One, Inc., 1953. Magazine. 24p., 6x7 inches, articles, news, reviews, very good digest-size magazine in stapled pictorial wraps.

Cover story: The August issue was late because the postal authorities in DC and LA had it under a microscope. Also: Must I Answer That Cop? by Lalo. The Lucrative Lies by Winters.

One, Inc., which took its name from Thomas Carlyle's statement that "A mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one," was founded in LA in 1952 as a homophile organization with connections to the Mattachine Society. As the first pro-gay journal of its kind, it serves as an important source for pre-Stonewall homophile studies. In 1954 the US Post Office declared it obscene, leading to a four-year legal battle (chronicled in its pages) that concluded with a favorable decision as part of Roth vs. United States. Aside from its articles covering topics ranging from the Beatniks and Gay marriage to homosexuality and national security, One Magazine also featured poetry and short fiction by numerous prominent authors.

Cat.No: 204889

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