Cat.No: 202117 National Health Federation Bulletin [56 issues]

National Health Federation Bulletin [56 issues]

Monrovia, CA: National Health Federation, 1969-1980. Fifty-six issues of the staplebound bulletin, mostly 5.25x8.25 inches, very good. Issues present are: 1969: November. 1970: April. 1971: January, March, April, July/August. 1972: Feb, June, July/August, December. 1973: Feb.-December. 1974: Feb.-April, June, July/August, Oct.-Dec. 1975: Jan., June, July/August, Oct, Nov. 1976: entire year. 1977: Jan, April, June, July/August. 1978: October, December. 1979: January, May, December. 1980: January, March, July/August.

Supportive of alternative medicine, including Vitamin C for cancer, chelation therapy, natural methods instead of big pharma; opposed to food additives, suspicious of vaccinations, etc.

Cat.No: 202117

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