Secret Chinese/Secret American [screen print poster]. Nancy Hom, artist.

Secret Chinese/Secret American [screen print poster]

[Los Angeles]: the artist; Self-Help Graphics, 2003. 20x26 inch screen print poster on rag paper, with artwork by Hom depicting two blindfolded masks back-to-back. Limited edition of 81, with number penciled at lower left, signed by the artist at lower right. A lovely, fine example, from the holdings of the poet herself.

Hom notes that "Secret Chinese/Secret American was spurred by the arrest of James Yee, a Chinese American Army Captain and Muslim chaplain accused of espionage at the Guantánamo Naval Base – along with other incidences of distrust that surrounds the Chinese presence in this nation. Chinese in the U.S. are often perceived as secretive and the Chinese Exclusion Act (1882 to 1943) compelled Chinese to keep their true identities secret. The three words, 'Secret Chinese American,' can be read in many different ways, with different meanings - Secret Chinese American, Chinese American Secret, Secret Chinese, American Secret, etc. I did this as part of an artist residency at Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles. The facial profiles with their eyes blindfolded symbolize how blinded society can be to us when we can't reveal our true selves."

Cat.No: 200771

Price: $250.00