Cat.No: 200732 Unbound Feet presents "Yellow Daughters" [screen print poster]. Nancy Hom, artist.

Unbound Feet presents "Yellow Daughters" [screen print poster]

Berkeley: Asian American Studies, UC Berkeley, 1981. Poster. 14.25x17 inch screen print poster with artwork by Hom depicting herself as a small child, together with her mother. A lovely, fine example, from the holdings of the artist herself.

Hom notes that "This is a silkscreen poster advertising the last reading of Unbound Feet, a group of 6 Chinese American women writers (of which I was one), at Wheeler Auditorium, UC Berkeley. The members of Unbound Feet were Genny Lim, Nellie Wong, Kitty Tsui, Canyon Sam, Merle Woo, and myself. We performed our writings in the Bay Area and in LA. The image is of my mother and me as a baby in Toisan, China, where I was born."

Cat.No: 200732

Price: $150.00