Cat.No: 197580 California Scene: vol. 2, #1, February 1971: Naked Biker cover. Jeff Buckley, Douglas Dean publisher, David Hellinger, Christopher Erwin, Charles McAllister, Mark Green, Victor De Stefano.

California Scene: vol. 2, #1, February 1971: Naked Biker cover

Los Angeles: Sagittarius Publications, 1971. Magazine. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, reviews, articles, calendar, bathhouse and bar ads, illustrated with b&w photos of celebs, film stills, play photos, physique shots, very good arts and entertainment magazine focusing on San Francisco in stapled pictorial wraps.

Green's Column "Gay Organizations" covers One, Inc. Also a report with photos on The Empress Coronation Ball in SF 1971.

The Scene was comparable to Vector during the same period. There were six volumes published between 1970 & 1976, beginning as a monthly and over the years devolving to twice a year for the final two volumes. Important reference guide to gay entertainment in California including bars, taverns, showplaces, theatre and shopping venues post-Stonewall.

Cat.No: 197580

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