On the Road Again. Dennis O'Neil.
On the Road Again

On the Road Again

New York: OTRA, [1971]. [8p., including covers], 5.5x8.5 inches, minor toning to lower left corner of front cover, otherwise very good. Cover slogan "All power to the people; the spirit of the people is stronger than the Man's technology." When held one way, a clenched first is at top with the line "Look out pretty daddy, I'm On the Road Again;" if turned around the fist is replaced with a hitcher's thumb extended and the title reads "Look out pretty momma I'm On the Road Again."

The first and only issue of the first and only communist newsletter specifically targeting hitch-hiking freaks. O'Neil was in the Revolutionary Union at the time. Includes an introductory statement on the purpose of OTRA, noting that "We're going to try to distribute this carrying them while we hitch and giving bunches to other people to spread on their way." Includes practical advice for hitchhikers and a piece on the interconnection between hitching and rock and roll.

Cat.No: 192552

Price: $195.00