Out/Look: national lesbian & gay quarterly vol.1, #1 - vol. 5 #1 (whole #17) [complete run]. Debra Chasnoff, Managing, Dorothy Allison, Robert Gluck editorial board, Pat Califia, John preston, Edward Albee, Howard Cruse, Marlon Briggs, Dennis Altman, Jewelle Gomez, James Baldwin, Cherrie Moraga, Tom of Finland, Robert Patrick.

Out/Look: national lesbian & gay quarterly vol.1, #1 - vol. 5 #1 (whole #17) [complete run]

San Francisco: Out/Look Foundation, 1988-1992. Magazine. 17 issues, various pagination, 8.5x11 inches, b&w illustrations and photos, features, columns, editorials, reviews, very good complete run of the well-produced LGBT magazine in glossy color pictorial wraps.

A complete run of this slick, serious glossy that tried to combine literature and politics with almost all strands of gay pop culture. Gladys Bently: Bulldagger who sang the blues; Are lesbians and gay men addicted to addiction programs?; Tom of Finland-the gay Norman Rockwell;Gay Lib vs AIDS; Pomo Afro Homos;What do Bisexuals want? Jody Foster Hugged Me! (aka Out/Look goes Tabloid! Publication ended with volume 5 #1, whole #17.

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