Mississippi Boi. Elliot Boose.

Mississippi Boi

N.pl. Self-published by the author, [2013?]. Paperback. 182p., 8.5x11 inches, self-published semi-autobigraphical story of a disabled, Black, Gay Army veteran who becomes homeless, very good condition.

Disabled Army veteran from racist, homophobic Mississippi learns the hard way how companies, entertainers and government use illegal tactics and strategies to steal copyright protected, successful concepts and hide "revealing" information. After two innovative concepts were stolen from him by two major automobile companies and snubbed after getting a concept on international television, he is forced to live homeless out of his car in Atlanta, Miami and Jacksonville for two years; he seeks a dangerous opportunity when he discovers a Black celebrity is Bisexual after a sexual encounter at a gay adult video/book store Primetime Inc in north Miami in September 2008.

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