GPU News vol. 8, #5, February 1979. Donna Martin Gay People's Union, Richard Lee, Barry Frauman, Rice, Lee C, Louie Crew.

GPU News vol. 8, #5, February 1979

Milwaukee: Liberation Publications, 1979. Magazine. 52p. including covers, 8.5x11 inches, photos, ads, features, news, art, events, services and resources, reviews, very good semi-slick magazine in stapled pictorial wraps.

Updates on local activities, discussions of the Movement, ads, photos, services, etc. Literary reviews. Report on the funding allotted for an SF Gay Center. Anita Bryant report from Miami. Finstein chooss Harry Britt. How to convert a Christian. Utopianism & Human Liberation.

Cat.No: 187043

Price: $20.00