Cat.No: 182903 Open Road. No. 4 (Fall 1977)
Open Road. No. 4 (Fall 1977)

Open Road. No. 4 (Fall 1977)

Vancouver, BC: Open Road, 1977. Single issue of Open Road, a Vancouver-based anarchist-oriented newspaper; 19 pages, 16.5x11.5 inches, very good with very slight wear to edges of front cover; centerfold poster of Sacco and Vanzetti.

Contents include articles on Anarcha-Feminism, "Putting the boots to the stormtroopers" (on Nazi-bashing), west coast anti-nuclear activities, a cover story on political pie-throwing attacks against public figures (filled with puns), and much more. A favorite quote from the pie-throwing article, on Yipster pieman Aron Kay: "Aron's protege on the west coast is Vancouver-based Frankie Lee of the Anarchist Party of Canada (Groucho-Marxist), whose specialty is the personalized pie. Lee, who's known as the pious nihilist, took out brain experimenter Jose Delgado with a cow brain and tomato concoction and revolutionist-turned-religionist Eldridge Cleaver with an Oreo cream pie (chocolate on the outside, vanilla on the inside."

Cat.No: 182903

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