Cat.No: 181795 American Peace Mobilization
American Peace Mobilization

American Peace Mobilization

New York: American Peace Mobilization, [1940-?]. Six-panel brochure, folded to 3.75x8.5 inches, very good.

Introduction to the APM and its program, which coincided with the Soviet shift from anti-fascism to maintenance of "peace" after the Molotov-Ribbentropp pact. Program calls for the US to avoid involvement in the European war. The APM ran a round-the-clock peace demonstration in front of the White House for over one thousand hours, ceasing on June 21, 1941 (the day before the German invasion of the USSR). Changing positions on a dime, the APM changed its name to the American Peoples Mobilization and called for the US to enter the war against the Axis.

Cat.No: 181795

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