Murderer, Liar, Drug Co. Pimp [handbill lambasting Anthony Fauci]. ACT UP San Francisco.

Murderer, Liar, Drug Co. Pimp [handbill lambasting Anthony Fauci]

San Francisco: ACT UP, [1996-?]. handbill leaflet. 8.5x11 inch handbill, portrait of Fauci modified into skull and crossbones with backdrop of AZT pills in the background on one side, dense small-font text on the other side, very good. on green stock.

Distributed by the local ACT UP group which split off from the national ACT UP organization and articulated an AIDS conspiracy line, alleging that it was not a real disease but an invention of the drug companies seeking to profit from peddling pharmaceuticals. This leaflet appears to have been distributed at a banquet honoring Fauci for his research on HIV. It argues that instead of being hosted at a banquet, "You should be put before a firing squad." Accuses Larry Kramer and ACT UP / Golden Gate (the mainstream ACT UP group in SF) of "selling out" for shifting from calling Fauci a murderer to being willing to work with him.

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